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Why Is Qaidi No 804 Getting Viral In Pakistan?

Why Is Qaidi No 804 Getting Viral In Pakistan?

Do you know who holds the title of Prisoner Number 804, or قیدی نمبر 804? If you’re a supporter of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, you might be familiar with this designation. It signifies the prison identifier assigned to Imran Khan during his incarceration in Attock Fort in the year 2000. This number has evolved into a symbol of his enduring struggle against corrupt and oppressive regimes of the past.

How did Imran Khan become known as Prisoner Number 804?
Imran Khan, a former cricketer and the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, aimed to bring justice and accountability to Pakistan. He vocally criticized the military and civilian governments that had governed Pakistan for decades and championed the cause of democracy and human rights.

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In 1999, General Pervez Musharraf staged a coup and ousted the elected government of Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan strongly opposed the coup, demanding the restoration of democracy and exposing corruption and mismanagement under Musharraf’s regime.

In 2000, Imran Khan was arrested for leading a protest against Musharraf’s referendum to extend his rule. He was incarcerated in Attock Fort, a notorious prison known for the mistreatment and even deaths of political prisoners. There, he was assigned the number 804 and endured solitary confinement for eight days.

How did Imran Khan persevere as Prisoner Number 804?
Imran Khan faced numerous hardships and trials while bearing the label of Prisoner Number 804. He was deprived of basic necessities and subjected to mental and physical abuse. He also encountered attempts to bribe and threaten him into joining Musharraf’s camp or quitting politics.

Nevertheless, Imran Khan remained unwavering in his principles and vision. During his time in prison, he read books, wrote letters, and prayed. He drew strength from the support of his followers and well-wishers who rallied outside the prison, chanting slogans in his favor.

After eight days, Imran Khan was released from prison, but his fight for democracy and justice continued. He faced more arrests, bans, attacks, and allegations in the years that followed. He also encountered setbacks and disappointments in various elections.

How did Imran Khan transcend Prisoner Number 804?
In 2018, Imran Khan realized his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan after winning the general elections with a majority of seats. He became the first Prime Minister in Pakistan’s history to have been imprisoned by a military dictator.

Imran Khan hasn’t forgotten his experience as Prisoner Number 804; he has used it as motivation to serve the people of Pakistan with honesty and integrity. He has pledged to eradicate corruption, poverty, injustice, and terrorism in Pakistan.

Additionally, Imran Khan has paid tribute to his fellow inmates who suffered alongside him in Attock Fort. He named his residence in Islamabad “Zaman Park” in memory of one of his cellmates who passed away in prison. Furthermore, he christened his official helicopter as “Qaidi no 804” to serve as a reminder of his past.

Prisoner Number 804 is more than just a number for Imran Khan; it’s a tale of courage, conviction, and dedication. It symbolizes hope, transformation, and Pakistan’s journey from dictatorship to democracy.