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    Submit your articles or news on the given email:

    [email protected]

    Volunteer News Articles Submission – Terms and Conditions Submission Process:

    All submissions must be made through the email given.

    Submissions should include short videos/clips/reels/images.

    Submit your stories by keeping in view the five Ws of Journalism.
    Who, What, Where, When and Why:

    These 5 Ws are a cornerstone of any story because they ensure that news stories are comprehensive, clear, credible, and engaging.

    Support your video/Image/Story with a short and brief description.

    Who: Describes the subject of the writing if it is a person. Who is it about?

    What: Describes the subject of the writing if it is an object, or describes an action carried out by the subject. What is the story about? What is the person doing?

    When: Describes a date or time that the action takes place. When is it happening?

    Where: Describes a location that the action is taking place. Where is it happening?

    Why: Describes the reason or motivation for the action to take place Why is it happening?