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OGRA Urges PTA To Launch LNG Safety Public Awareness Campaign

OGRA Urges PTA To Launch LNG Safety Public Awareness Campaign

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has proposed initiating a collaborative public service campaign with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to promote the safe handling of LPG.

OGRA has communicated with the PTA, highlighting the necessity of launching an awareness campaign to educate the public about the safe usage of LPG in various settings, including homes and restaurants.

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In its letter to the PTA, OGRA emphasized the recent incidents of LPG-related accidents leading to fatalities. The letter stressed the importance of a public service campaign to prevent such accidents. It also pointed out that the use of LPG cylinders in public transportation is highly dangerous and explicitly prohibited under the LPG Rules of 2021.

OGRA informed the PTA that it has prepared a public service message, which could be used as a ringtone with the cooperation of telecom operators. This message could also be disseminated as a text message to raise awareness and potentially save lives.

The letter from OGRA cited specific LPG cylinder accidents in locations like Jhelum and Bhalwal, underscoring the loss of lives in these incidents. OGRA emphasized that public awareness campaigns are crucial to prevent such accidents.

OGRA recognized the significant role that the PTA can play in these awareness campaigns and requested its support in this national endeavor. This includes using caller tunes and sending text messages to promote the safe use of LPG in households, commercial establishments, and restaurants.

Additionally, OGRA provided a sample public service message outlining precautionary measures to discourage the unauthorized use of LPG.