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WhatsApp to Introduce Biggest Design Update

WhatsApp to Introduce Biggest Design Update

WhatsApp has recently made subtle adjustments to its user interface in the past few months, but it’s now preparing for a more significant redesign, as noted by the team at WABetaInfo.

As always, this forthcoming alteration has been identified in the beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android (version and iOS (version In both versions of the app, you can expect a comprehensive redesign that introduces fresh colors, new buttons, and the ability to filter your chats. Please refer to the screenshot below for a visual preview.

WA Update

As depicted in the image, the most prominent modifications involve a color change in the top bar and relocating the navigation tabs to the bottom of the screen. It’s uncertain whether you’ll retain the ability to swipe between tabs as before, but we anticipate that WhatsApp won’t backtrack on its user experience.

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Information about the new design’s dark mode remains undisclosed, but it’s likely that it will harmonize the top and bottom sections more with the dark colors of the chat screen. The overall design also features more rounded edges for a cohesive appearance.

Furthermore, a filtering option is being introduced for the chat screen, enabling users to sort their chats into categories such as unread messages, personal conversations, or business chats, available on both iOS and Android. iOS users will also gain the convenience of a dedicated button for self-chats on their bottom navigation bar, a feature currently absent on Android.

Given that the updated design has started rolling out to everyone using the beta version of WhatsApp, it’s probable that it will soon become available in the stable version. Stay tuned for further updates.