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Suicide Blast Near Turkey’s Parliament Injures Two Police Officers

Suicide Blast Near Turkey's Parliament Injures Two Police Officers

A suicide bombing near Turkey’s parliament took place on Sunday, with a second attacker being neutralized by law enforcement officers in a shootout that left two police officers injured.

According to the country’s interior minister, two individuals conducted the suicide attack in front of the ministry buildings in the federal capital. One of the attackers died in the explosion, while the second was shot by law enforcement.

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The bombing occurred as Turkey’s parliament was preparing to reconvene, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was scheduled to address the national legislature.

Initial reports suggest that two militants arrived in a commercial vehicle near the General Directorate of Security of Internal Affairs and carried out the attack.

Local residents reported hearing gunfire in the cordoned-off area, with a heavy presence of local police, armed forces, ambulances, and fire trucks rushing to the heart of Ankara.

While investigators initiated a probe into the attack, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility.

Security has been increased around the parliament building and other sensitive areas in response to the incident.

In the past, Kurdish insurgents and leftist groups have carried out similar attacks in tourist areas and near government buildings. Turkish forces have also apprehended ISIS members who were planning attacks.