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Birds’ Survival At Risk Due To Fast Urbanization

Birds' Survival At Risk Due To Fast Urbanization

In bustling urban areas characterized by the fast-paced hustle and bustle of daily life, a silent tragedy often remains unnoticed – the loss of numerous bird lives due to ongoing and relentless habitat destruction.

The swift urbanization has led to the emergence of towering buildings and apartment complexes, offering shelter and convenience for city residents but posing a severe threat to the bird population.

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Traditionally, birds like sparrows, pigeons, and mynas have sought refuge on rooftops for nesting and feeding. However, as green spaces shrink and concrete structures expand, these birds are left with limited options for their survival.

Rooftops, with their open spaces and access to sunlight, play a crucial role in providing birds with a semblance of their natural habitat. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the vital role rooftops play in maintaining a healthy urban ecosystem. Neglecting to offer food and water to rooftop-dwelling birds can have dire consequences.

Water scarcity is a pressing issue in many parts of Pakistan, affecting the avian population as well. Birds rely on readily available water sources for drinking and bathing, and rooftops can serve as vital havens in this regard.

Residents can ensure that birds have a place to quench their thirst by placing shallow containers filled with clean water on their rooftops, especially during scorching summer months. Similarly, placing small containers of grains or bird feed on rooftops can be a lifesaver. Birds require a consistent source of food to sustain themselves and their chicks, especially during mating seasons, making rooftops an ideal location for residents to support their feathered friends.

Fortunately, in Pakistan, there are individuals and organizations making efforts to address this issue. Rooftop bird feeding and watering programs are garnering community support, not only contributing to the restoration of the bird population but also fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness among residents.

In addition to these efforts, there is a growing need to instill the habit of providing food and water to birds in the younger generation.

Environmental reporter and activist Laiba Zainab stresses the importance of this, noting that climate change is a global concern affecting Pakistan’s ecosystem. She emphasizes that without offering food and water to birds, we compel them to migrate.

Abira, a dedicated bird lover, expresses concern about the decline in the practice of placing food and water bowls on rooftops for birds. She underscores her commitment to caring for these creatures, making it a daily ritual to provide food and water for flying birds as her first act upon waking up in the morning.