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Recall Alert for Injections Causing Vision Loss in Punjab

Recall Alert for Injections Causing Vision Loss in Punjab

During a Sunday press conference, Dr. Nadeem Jan, the Interim Federal Health Minister, announced the recall of a locally produced injection that had been linked to cases of vision impairment in multiple patients across various cities in Punjab. Dr. Jan emphasized that swift action was being taken against the suppliers and manufacturers responsible for the defective injection.

Reports of vision problems arising after the administration of this injection had been reported from several cities, including Multan, Kasur, Faisalabad, and Sadiqabad. Dr. Nadeem Jan assured the public that a thorough investigation was already in progress and pledged to provide the affected patients with the best possible healthcare.

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Dr. Jamal Nasir, the Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare, revealed that the problematic injection was a 100mg dose, despite only requiring 1.2mg for ocular treatment. Notably, this injection had been produced by a multinational pharmaceutical company and distributed through a well-respected institution, adding to the seriousness of the situation.

In response, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) promptly withdrew the entire batch from the market, pending the results of further investigations.

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Additionally, a five-member committee, headed by Dr. Asad Aslam Khan from King Edward Medical University, was established to assess the eye injuries resulting from the injection and propose measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi ordered an immediate cessation of the injection’s sale and the removal of existing stocks from the market until the inquiry report is completed. Affected individuals will receive free treatment, and the government is taking action against negligent drug inspectors. The Punjab Healthcare Commission has been tasked with scrutinizing relevant clinics and ensuring the availability of qualified doctors in hospitals for treatment. Furthermore, efforts are being made to control conjunctivitis in the affected regions.

As the investigation unfolds, health authorities are strongly advising doctors and patients to refrain from using the Avastin injection, while samples undergo rigorous laboratory testing to determine the full extent of the problem.