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Lahore Faces Alarming Surge in Contagious ‘Pink Eye’ Cases

Lahore Faces Alarming Surge in Contagious 'Pink Eye' Cases

Lahore has been contending with an abrupt and significant surge in cases of conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as ‘pink eye,’ which has sparked widespread concern within the city. This highly contagious eye ailment has rapidly spread across various neighborhoods, leading to a notable increase in individuals seeking medical assistance.

The city’s healthcare system is under immense strain as more than five hundred people are flooding into hospitals daily due to this eye infection. Experts have pinpointed the cause as viral conjunctivitis and are sounding the alarm about the potential for further transmission if preventive measures are not adhered to.

Patients afflicted by this infection have reported painful symptoms, including redness, swelling of the eyes, and excessive tearing, raising concerns about the seriousness of the outbreak. Importantly, the virus is spreading at an unprecedented pace, not only through direct contact but also through airborne transmission and casual conversations.

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Ophthalmologist Professor Asad Aslam has emphasized the crucial importance of taking preventive actions. He underscores that the virus can easily transfer via contact with contaminated surfaces, close proximity to infected individuals, and even ordinary interactions. His advice includes wearing protective eyewear, promptly isolating bedding and utensils, and exercising extreme caution to hinder further transmission.

Professor Aslam further underscores the significance of practicing rigorous hygiene to contain the virus’s spread. He points out that the virus can persist on surfaces for extended periods, and if an infected individual touches their eye and then contacts other surfaces or people, there is a high risk of transmission.

Experts have observed that this eye infection is particularly prevalent during the rainy season, making it imperative for Lahore residents to remain vigilant and adhere to hygiene guidelines.