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PTI Serves Notice To Sher Afzal Marwat For Comments On Barrister Gohar

PTI Serves Notice To Sher Afzal Marwat For Comments On Barrister Gohar

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken action against newly-elected National Assembly member Sher Afzal Marwat for making derogatory remarks about party leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan. Marwat had asserted that Gohar Ali Khan was ousted as PTI chairman due to his subpar performance.

According to a show-cause notice issued by PTI, Marwat’s comments have created internal tensions within the party. The notice demands an apology from Marwat within two days, warning of potential disciplinary action in accordance with party policies if he fails to comply.

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Marwat had previously criticized Gohar Ali Khan, attributing his removal to incompetence and inadequate performance. He claimed that Gohar was given a three-month tenure as chairman but failed to meet the expectations of the party workers.

This move by PTI comes in the midst of the party’s decision to conduct intra-party elections on March 3. The decision to hold elections follows the party’s loss of its electoral symbol, the bat. Nomination papers will be filed on February 23 and 24, with candidate scrutiny on February 25 and decisions on nomination papers by February 27, 2024.

The polling is scheduled to take place at the Central Office of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and four provincial secretariats on March 3. The party’s core committee is orchestrating these elections after consultations with the imprisoned Imran Khan, who has been in jail since August of the previous year.

Despite these internal political developments, the notice served to Sher Afzal Marwat highlights the importance of maintaining party discipline and decorum. The rifts within PTI, as demonstrated by Marwat’s remarks, underscore the challenges faced by political parties in managing internal dissent and ensuring a united front. The upcoming intra-party elections will be closely watched as they unfold against the backdrop of these internal dynamics.