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Protests Won’t Lower Electricity Bills In Pakistan

Protests Won't Lower Electricity Bills In Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Amid Pakistan’s ongoing economic crisis, widespread demonstrations persist against escalating electricity costs. Discontented power consumers are setting fire to their electricity bills in an attempt to pressure the government into reducing tariff rates.

Nonetheless, Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi countered that protests, bill burnings, and calls for bill non-payment won’t alleviate the situation; instead, they will exacerbate hardships.

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In a social media update, Solangi emphasized that neglecting electricity bill payments would result in increased power cuts for the majority. He stressed the importance of a better grasp of the situation, comprehension, and governmental initiatives to address the concerns.

During a previous interview, he mentioned that various proposals are under consideration during cabinet meetings. The Kakar-led administration is devising a plan to lower power tariffs amidst the uproar against rising electricity bills. This move was recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of a bailout package.

Reports indicated that the global lender did not immediately grant approval to Islamabad’s request for a six-month period to settle electricity bills, given the ongoing protests.

The IMF purportedly requested more time to review Pakistan’s request for bill installment payments. Monthly installments would not provide significant relief, as people would still be obligated to cover regular bills in addition to the installment amounts.