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Zong has flourished to heights, in a short span of time, after being launched in 2008.

China Mobile Pakistan is the owner company of Zong.

Ever since the launch Zong has been working on providing their customers with internet packages at best prices. Zong holds 3G, 4G and LTE licenses at the same time and has initiated the 4G network around pakistan.

Zong offers the best 4G/3G bundle packages for its consumers. One of the most used 4G packages is Zong Monthly MBB – 32 GB, which is valid for 30 days.

ZONG Monthly Device Packages:

Monthly MBB 30 GB 30 days 30,000 MB Rs 999


Zong monthly MBB 65GB 30 days 60,000 MB Rs 2100
Zong monthly MBB 160GB 30 days 160,000 MB Rs 2600
Zong monthly MBB 200GB 30 days 150,000 MB Rs 3300
Zong monthly MBB

150 GB

30 days 150,000 MB Rs 3500

ZONG Weekly Device Packages:

Zong has various options for its consumers for all kinds of 4G device packages. However, a weekly device package has not yet been introduced. Having said that, the monthly 4G device packages are devised at mind blowing rates that suit all kinds of pockets.

Zong brings number of packages for its users in which

  • Zong Monthly MBB – 76 GB (Device Only Package),
  • Zong Monthly MBB – 100 GB (Device Only Package)
  • Zong Monthly MBB – 200 GB (Device Only Package)

are the most commonly used ones.

Be a part of Zong’s new dream and avail the exciting offers on 4G devices.

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ZONG Unlimited Device Packages:

Zong being the biggest network of 4G users, they have introduced a vast variety of 4G devices for their users. It also gives compensation for the Zong SIM users in 4G devices as well. The network has launched variations among 4G/3G devices catering to the needs of all kinds of people.

Zong, owing to their overachieving nature, have also devised 4G packages for a longer period of time. Not everyone likes to have a monthly package, some people prefer to have 3, 6 or even an unlimited package for their 4G device.

Zong 3 months MBB 3 months 60,000MB Rs 5750
Zong 6 months MBB 6 months 105,000MB Rs 12500
Zong 12 months MBB 12 months 105,000MB Rs 23000

ZONG MBB Packages:

Zong has risen to the pinnacle of success in a short period of time. The business is a subsidiary of China Mobile Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s and China’s largest telecommunications companies. Since 2008, Zong has concentrated on providing low-cost internet access.

Zong was the first network to launch a nationwide 4G network in Pakistan.

Zong provides a range of 3G/4G product packages to its customers, with the ‘Zong Monthly MBB – 32 GB (Device Only Package)’ being the most common.

Zong 3 Months MBB – 24 GB (Device Only Package), which provides 24 GB of data with a 3-month validity term for a reasonable cost, is the most popular other device bundle. Customers can now benefit from Zong’s reasonably priced high-speed internet.

The latest amazing low-cost bundle from Zong includes a tonne of unfettered internet access for the ensuing six months.

The Zong 6 Months MBB – 75 GB offers customers 75 GB of data with a 6-month validity on a number of 3G/4G devices (Device Only Package).

You will be able to use 4G at up to 150 Mbps. Zong offers 4G device packages that range in price from Rs 1,500 for 24 GB of data per month to Rs 10,000 for 200 GB. Therefore, it has you covered whether you use the internet frequently or just occasionally.

The price of the gadget does not include the cost of the plan, which is another thing to bear in mind. Users must buy separate subscriptions to Zong Internet bundles.