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Zong Daily Weekly And Monthly SMS Packages

Today we are going to take a look at Zong’s SMS packages including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Prepaid and Postpaid. 

Zong introduces Zong SMS packages to keep you connected with your friends and loved ones. 

Zong has also introduced SMS packages for prepaid and postpaid users (we also have a great article on ZONG CALL PACKAGES and how to get them). 

In this article, we will review all zong daily sms packages, zong weekly sms packages.

Here is the list of Zong SMS packages.

List of SMS packages

  • Daily SMS packages
  • Weekly SMS packages
  • Monthly SMS packages

1. Zong Daily SMS packages

After acquiring Mobilink, Zong has become the leading cellular company in Pakistan. The company currently offers one-day and 24-hour packages.

Zong now offers daily SMS packages at a lower price than before. These daily SMS packages are now available for less than Rs.15. Zong Daily SMS package list includes various packages for its users.

Daily SMS package plans are designed for social zong Daily SMS package is affordable for people of all communities. One Combo Package is a joint of WhatsApp and Facebook.

Users can avail SMS bundles for WhatsApp and Facebook as well as Social MBS. SMS and free MBS are enough for one day use. Zong Daily SMS package details and Zong SMS check codes are given below.

Packages name Resources Price Validity Subscription code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 500 SMS, 1 MB internet, and 30 MBs internet for WhatsApp 7+tax 1 day *700#
Daily Zulu SMS Bundle 500 SMS, and 1 MB internet 4+tax 1day *704#
Daily Hello 1 Din Offer 150 on-net minutes, 150 SMS, and 50 MB internet 13+tax 1 day *2200*1#
Daily Full Gup 100 SMS, 75 on-net minutes, and 30 MB internet 5+tax 1 day *118*1#
Daily Flutter Package 120 SMS, 120 Zong minutes, and 50 MB internet 12+tax 1 day *369#
Zong Sixer Plus Offer
Unlimited off-net minutes, 500 SMS, and 1 MB internet
8+tax 1 day(6am to 6pm) *666#

2. Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong Weekly SMS Package offers several weekly packages for its users. It offers weekly SMS packages for users who are SMS enthusiasts and want to connect with their friends and family members.

Hundreds of SMS are available in these bundles which fulfil the weekly SMS requirement of the users. Zong’s weekly SMS package is affordable for people of all communities.

A large number of our youth help SMSPKG to continue chit chat with friends and family at a low cost. Weekly plans have several packages that can meet the needs of the youth.

Weekly and monthly package plans are suitable for entrepreneurs as they have to use less communication methods to connect with their customers.

Below we have arranged the list of Zong SMS pkg codes. Each bundle contains enough SMS to be used for a week without interruption.

The price of the packages is affordable which attracts the customers.

Packages name Resources Price Validity Subscription code
Weekly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 1300 SMS, and 200 MBs of internet for whatsapp 32+tax 7 days *702#
All-In-One Weekly 5000 SMS, 4 GB internet, 5000 on-net minutes, and 60 off-net minutes 220+tax 7 days *6464#
Haftawar Load Offer unlimited SMS, 12 GBs of internet, unlimited on-net minutes, and 100 off-net minutes 340+tax 7 days *70#
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package 500 SMS, 500 Free On-Net Minutes, 40 Off-net Minutes, and 500MB Internet 120+tax 7 days *7#

 3. Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Zong Monthly SMS Packages You can subscribe to Zong’s monthly SMS packages that give you unlimited messaging, talk time and data.

The price will depend on how much text you want. You can add additional features to your package at no extra cost. Zong users are available all over Pakistan.

That’s why Zong offers monthly message packages for its users. There is a lot of fun and adventure in these messages. You can purchase these packages for 30 days or more.

Here are all Zong monthly message packages: The monthly SMS package plans are good enough for the entire month. Business promoters prefer monthly packages to stay connected with their customers.

Monthly Social Bundle includes SMS+ free MBS to serve social platforms. Zong Telecom is working hard in both consumer and technology fields.

Providing valuable services to 45 million people across the country, this is a major achievement for Zong.

Packages name Resources Price Validity Subscription code
Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 500 SMS/Day, and 30 MB internet for WhatsApp/Day 75+tax 30 days *705#
Zong supreme offer 5000 SMS, 5000 Free On-Net Minutes, 350 Off-Net Minutes,20 GB internet 999+tax 30 days *6464# > 4 > 2 > 2
Monthly Zong Super Card unlimited SMS, unlimited Free On-Net Minutes, 250 Off-Net Minutes, and  10 GB Internet 699+tax 30 days Dial *6464# and press 4
Zong Monthly Super Offer 5,000 SMS, 5,000 Free On-Net Minutes, 450 Off-Net Minutes, 30 GB internet, 6 GB, YouTube, and 4 GB WhatsApp 1299+tax 30 days *6464# > 4 > 4 > 2
Zong Shandaar Mahana Offer 1000 SMS, 1000 Free On-Net Minutes, 100 Off-Net Minutes, and 1GB Internet 305+tax 30 days Dial *1000# or Send “sub Mahana” to 7091
Voice 425 Min Bundle 425 All-network minutes, 500 SMS 600+tax 30 days Dial 310
Voice 900 Min Bundle 1000 SMS, and 900 All-net minutes 1200+tax 30 days Dial 310

 Switch To Zong 4G

Zong is a mobile network in Pakistan. It was the first to get a licence for 4G. Zong is for those who love 4G coverage and exciting offers. Their SMS packages are affordable and easy to use!

However, if you want more, you can use a Zong 4G SIM. It gives back what you ask for and helps you build relationships with others.

Terms and Conditions

If you are a 2G, 3G, or 4G customer, use of the Service is subject to sales tax. Prepaid phones only have a few offers, so check them out before deciding what type of service you want.

Use only SIM cards that have biometric authentication. Your SIM card is your identity.