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4G is Pakistan’s No. 1 data network operator making significant investments in telecommunication infrastructure in Pakistan. 

Zong recently celebrated “10 years of excellence.” The company is a telecommunications network innovator and market leader, serving many aspects of commerce. 

With the first launch of 4G in Pakistan, Zong Telecom has become the first to cross the milestone of 10,000+ 4G towers and the first to reach over 10 million 4G subscribers.

Zong 4G Services In Pakistan

Zong is a China-based telecom operator in Pakistan headquartered in Islamabad. 

The telecom operator is also offering a variety of 4G internet packages, 4G bolt-on devices with Wi-Fi and USB, and mobile phones with high-speed 4G internet connectivity at affordable prices.

List Of Zong 4g Internet Packages

There are basically 4 types of internet package

  • Daily internet packages
  • Weekly internet packages
  • Monthly internet packages
  • Social internet packages

1. Zong Daily Net Package

Zong DailyNet package offers three different types of package plans. Any user can choose any package according to their needs and data requirements. 

Zong’s daily net package is suitable for users who do not use regular net. These users subscribe to Zong Daily Internet Package just to download some data. 

Here you can see full details of the ZongNet package which offers Zong data packages that are affordable for all communities of people. 

It provides its customers with valuable services as well as affordable offers. Zong call, SMS and internet packages are affordable for all community users. 

Some social offers are specially designed for social lovers that offer unlimited use of Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media. 

Complete list of all Zong internet packages with activation codes is available below.

Packages name MBS/GBS Internet Validity Price Subscription code
Zong Daily Basic 100 MBs Internet 24 hours 23+tax *6464#
Zong daily data max 500 MB Internet Data + 500 MB YouTube 24 hours 38+tax *5#
Zong Night Offer 2.5 GB data 24 hours 16+ tax *6464#
Zong Daytime Offer 1.2GB internet 4am to 7pm 16 *47#
Zong Free Facebook 50MB Data for Facebook 1day 5+tax *6464#

2. Zong Weekly Packages

Zong always offers valuable and affordable internet package facilities to its valued customers. This special effort makes Zong company more reliable. 

Like the Zong Daily Net package, Zong also offers weekly internet packages for its users. The weekly offers contain enough MBS to be used throughout the week without any problems. 

Users can download and upload data in 7 days. The price of these packages is attractive and user-friendly. 

Zong Weekly Internet Packages Following is the list of Zong weekly package plans. Each contains enough MBS for a week. 

Zong takes care of its customers by providing affordable package plans. Scroll down and get your desired weekly package plan.

Packages name MBS/GBS Internet Validity price Subscription code
Zong Super Weekly Package 2.5GB internet 7 days 170+tax *102#
Zong Super Weekly Premium 30GB Internet + 15GB YouTube & Tiktok + 100 off-net minutes 7days 325+tax Dail*225#
Zong super Weekly Max 30GB Internet + 15GB Data for YouTube 7 days 299+tax *220#
Zong Super Weekly Plus 7GB internet 7 days 240+tax Dail*6464#

3. Monthly Zong Packages

Generally Zong is offering three types of internet packages: Zong One Day Internet Package, Zong Weekly Internet Package, and Zong Monthly Internet Package. 

Zong’s monthly internet packages are suitable for users b who require frequent internet data. They should get a monthly internet package to avoid daily package subscriptions. 

There are various packages available in Zong’s monthly internet package sections that vary in time duration and price. 

Users can scroll through all Zong internet packages and select any package as per their requirement.

Packages name MBs/GB internet Validity price Subscription code
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB 15GB Internet + 15GB YouTube & TikTok
30 days 1000+tax *6464#
Zong Monthly Premium 5GB 5 GB Internet Data 30 days 500+tax *6464#
Zong Monthly Basic 500 500 MB internet data 30 days 150+tax *6464#
Zong Monthly Mini 150 150 MBS internet 30 days 50+tax *6464#

Social Packages

Zong strives to offer packages at reasonable prices to its customers. So that users get a better experience. 

There are also some offers that Zong is providing to its users at a very affordable price. There are also some people who are unfortunately not aware of these offers. 

But you don’t need to worry because Zong always brings you the best offer. And this time we are presenting Zong’s free social offers. 

So that you can avail Zong Social packages as well as Zong Free Social offers. 

With Zong Social Internet packages, users can use unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Line for 24 hours and weekly monthly after activation. 

Below are the packages of the Zong social media application.

Zong social packages name price Social internet  Validity Subscription code
Youtube one hour 2.39+tax Unlimited Youtube data 1 hour *1987#
Zong daily facebook offer 5+tax 500MBs facebook Daily *32#
Zong social pack 10+tax 100MB Daily *6464#
Zong daily social offer 23+tax 1.5GB facebook, whatsapp, youtube, imo Daily *386#
Zong weekly youtube package 132+tax 8GB youtube 7 days *570#
Zong monthly whatsapp offerr 59+tax 5GB whatsapp 30 days *247#
Zong monthly facebook packages 108+tax 6GB facebook 30 days *250#
Zong monthly social bundle 190+ tax 12GB whatsapp+facebook+imo+250 zong minute+25 off net minute 30 days *6000#

Zong Other Internet Packages

The Super Student Bundle is specially designed for students. This package comes with data and call facility at minimal charges. 

Sometimes, students need some MB to browse anything related to their assignment or they need to download something quickly. 

So, this package caters to their needs. Zong offers two add-ons with the above data bundles. 

If you have used 80% of your data volume, you have the option to add more MBs to your data volume. 

Zong also offers social 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp usage. 

Only one person has to purchase the data share bundle, while all added group members can enjoy it free of charge as long as the subscribed data share bundle volume is available.

Terms and conditions

  • You can also dial *32# for the tariff activation menu.
  • Dial *102# to check remaining data.
  • 10 paise per inquiry charges. Rs.1/MB and will be charged as per bundle expiry.
  • If you are using the internet without subscribing to any internet package, the default rate of Rs.4/MB will be charged.
  • All above Zong Internet packages 2023 are resubscribed subject to balance availability except Monthly Premium 10GB, Super Weekly, Super Weekly Plus, and Social Package.