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Noman Ali Undergoes Surgery Before Second Australia Test

Noman Ali Undergoes Surgery Before Second Australia Test

In a setback for Pakistan in the Australia Test series, key spinner Noman Ali has been forced to withdraw due to health issues. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) revealed that the 37-year-old experienced sudden and severe abdominal pain, prompting medical examinations that confirmed a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

Following the diagnosis, Noman Ali underwent a Laparoscopic Appendectomy procedure to remove the vermiform appendix. The PCB reported that the surgery took place in the morning, and the player is currently stable and recovering well. He is expected to be discharged later in the afternoon.

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Noman Ali’s health setback marks the second blow for Pakistan’s bowling lineup in the ongoing series, with Khurram Shehzad facing a setback earlier.

The Pakistani team, referred to as Team Green, is set to compete in the second Test in Melbourne starting on December 26. This comes after Pakistan experienced a defeat in the opening match of the three-game series against Australia.

The absence of Noman Ali adds to the challenges faced by the Pakistani team, and they will need to regroup and strategize for the upcoming Test match without the contributions of the experienced spinner.