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New Update On Lahore Learner License Revealed

New Update On Lahore Learner License Revealed

Recently, Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP) released detailed guidelines for obtaining or renewing a ‘Learning Driving License’ through the newly launched DLIMS 2.0 system. The CTP addressed technical queries related to PSID generation and provided instructions on completing the online form.

It is advised to use the email address linked to the Punjab ePay app for initiation, as this email will receive all transaction data related to the creation of the online learner driver license. Additionally, an active and currently in-use phone number is mandatory, as it will receive a confirmation message upon issuance of the learner driver license.

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The CTP officer emphasizes the importance of accurately filling out information such as blood group type and height, highlighting potential issues, especially for those contemplating international travel.

Officials issue a stern warning, underscoring the necessity of ensuring the accuracy of all entered data. Providing incorrect information may result in the revocation of your driver’s license, and a First Information Report (FIR) may be filed against you.

Upon the generation of your license, the PSID will be sent to your email address.