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Islamabad Police Improves Digital License Management System

Islamabad Police Improves Digital License Management System

The Islamabad Police recently enhanced the functionality of the Digital License Management System (DLMS), facilitating the organization of information on suspects and e-challan defaulters.

The Safe City Command and Control Center supplied a list of 145 violators to the Police Khidmat Center and traffic offices. Subsequently, 82 violators settled a total of 995 e-challans at traffic offices, while the remaining 63 individuals faced strict action with their licenses being suspended.

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The comprehensive update to the fully operational Digital License Management System occurred earlier this week, as announced by the Chief Police Officer (CPO) of Safe City/Traffic. Traffic rules violators are strongly advised to address their e-challans promptly to avoid legal consequences.

The Safe City cameras, along with the recently introduced Brief Cam alerts, play a crucial role in identifying vehicles associated with e-challan violators, ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

In a recent initiative, the Islamabad police, under the guidance of Chief Traffic Officer Muhammad Sarfraz Virk, initiated a crackdown against traffic law violators. Virk highlighted a notable decrease of 38,000 traffic violation cases in October and November 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year. This reduction was attributed to enhanced fines and the strict handling of serious violations, particularly involving underage drivers and one-way traffic rule offenders.