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Netizens Praise India For Denying Visas of Pakistani Youtubers

Netizens Praise India For Denying Visas of Pakistani Youtubers

India has opted to refuse visas to four well-known influencers. This decision has brought great joy to the people of Pakistan, who are delighted to learn that these somewhat awkward and irritating personalities will not be present in the stands during the ICC World Cup 2023.

The four individuals in question are comedian Momin Saqib, YouTuber Ducky Bhai, podcaster Nadir Ali, and the Indian TikToker known as ‘Love Khaani,’ who previously pretended to be a Pakistani during the Asia Cup but were denied entry ahead of the World Cup in India.

The news of their visa rejections quickly spread across Twitter, igniting a wave of laughter and celebration. Surprisingly, Indian and Pakistani cricket fans, who often find themselves at odds, appeared to be in agreement for once. One enthusiastic Twitter user exclaimed, “I don’t know why, but Pakistanis are more thrilled that these guys won’t be with their team!” It appears that the antics of these influencers during Pakistan-India matches have long been a source of irritation for cricket fans.

One Indian netizen summed up the sentiment succinctly, humorously noting, “We don’t allow aliens to roam freely.”

While the rivalry between India and Pakistan is well-known and often intense, it seems that both sides can unite in their distaste for cringe-worthy behavior during crucial cricket matches. Here are some more amusing reactions that have surfaced on social media.

The dislike for these influencers arises from their infamous behavior during Pakistan-India matches. Momin Saqib, Nadir Ali, and Ducky Bhai have all made headlines for their questionable antics and awkward reactions, which often divert attention away from the game.

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On the other hand, ‘Love Khaani’ gained notoriety for posing as a Pakistani girl who passionately supported India and Virat Kohli, raising suspicions of propaganda and sparking controversy about divided loyalties.

The exclusion of these individuals from the upcoming ICC World Cup has united fans from both nations in shared delight. While cricket rivalries will always be fierce on the field, it seems that everyone can agree that cringe-worthy antics are best kept off the pitch.