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Man Sues, Gets Rs100,000 For One Missing Biscuit From Company

Man Sues, Gets Rs100,000 For One Missing Biscuit From Company

A court in Tamil Nadu, India, has instructed ITC Foods Limited to compensate a customer with INR 100,000 for the absence of a single biscuit from a packet. When an individual in Tamil Nadu opened a pack of ITC Foods Limited’s ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’ biscuits, they found one biscuit missing. The customer sought INR 1 crore in damages, alleging harm to their reputation due to deception and illicit profit.

The court summoned ITC Foods Limited representatives to explain why a packet of ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’ contained 15 biscuits instead of 16, potentially resulting in substantial gains for the company. The complainant, P Dillibabu, noted that each biscuit costs 75 paise, and ITC Ltd produces nearly 50 lakh packets daily, suggesting that the company could be defrauding the public of over INR 1 lakh every day.

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The company argued that the discrepancy may have occurred accidentally, claiming that biscuits are packed based on weight rather than counting. However, the court dismissed this argument and ruled in favor of the petitioner, ordering ITC Foods Limited to pay INR 1 lakh in damages to the customer along with Rs 10,000 for litigation expenses. Consequently, the absence of a single biscuit cost ITC Foods Limited a significant six-figure sum of 100,000 INR. The petitioner accepted the court’s decision, stating, “I had claimed one crore as damages, but whatever the decision of the court is, I accept it.”