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Iran’s “True Promise” Strike Damages Israel’s Aircraft

Iran's "True Promise" Strike Damages Israel's Aircraft

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued a stern warning during the annual army parade, emphasizing a strong retaliation against any Israeli aggression. This statement comes amid growing tensions following Iran’s historic direct attack on an Israeli airbase, the first since 1973.

President Raisi warned, “The slightest attack on our sovereignty will be met with a massive and harsh response.” His comments follow Israel’s vow to retaliate despite international pleas for moderation.

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The recent attack, named “True Promise,” targeted Israel’s largest airbase, Nevatim, and reportedly damaged key aircraft, including an F35 and a C130. This attack marks a significant escalation between the regional adversaries.

While the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) denied any aircraft damage, the incident underscores the fragility of regional peace.

Raisi lauded the attack as proof of Iran’s strength and readiness to counter what he termed the “false hegemony” of Israel. He noted Iran’s restraint but warned of the potential for more severe actions if further provoked.

The incident has heightened fears of a broader Middle Eastern conflict, with Iran’s regional allies showing signs of unrest. The UK Foreign Minister, during a visit to Israel, hinted at Israel’s impending response to the attack.

In the U.S., National Security Spokesperson John Kirby voiced concerns over Iran’s actions, criticizing the lack of prior warning from Iran and the potential for destructive outcomes.

Iran maintains that any Israeli retaliation will meet a swift, decisive response, with President Raisi affirming that Iran’s allies would support them in any further escalations.

As international leaders urge calm, the prospect of further conflict looms, highlighting the volatile state of affairs between Iran and Israel.