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Election 2024

Imran Khan Requests Judicial Scrutiny Of Alleged Election Fraud

Imran Khan Requests Judicial Scrutiny Of Alleged Election Fraud

Imran Khan, the founder of PTI, has petitioned the Supreme Court on Wednesday to establish a judicial commission to thoroughly investigate the conduct of the February 8 general elections, including subsequent developments involving what he alleges to be ‘false’ and ‘fraudulent’ results. These results, he claims, have led to winners being declared as losers and vice versa.

The petition, presented by senior counsel Hamid Khan and jointly filed by Mr. Khan and his PTI, asserts that the commission members should be impartial Supreme Court judges. It also calls for the immediate suspension of all actions pertaining to the formation of governments at the federal and Punjab levels until the commission’s findings are disclosed.

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Respondents named in the petition include the federal government through the law ministry, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), as well as the PML-N, PPP, and MQM-P.

The petition regrets that a political party with representation in the National and provincial assemblies is allegedly being denied reserved seats in accordance with constitutional provisions.

Furthermore, the petition highlights the necessity for the Supreme Court’s intervention in response to what it describes as acts of high-handedness, oppression, and violation of fundamental rights by the caretaker government and the current administrations.

Citing abundant evidence such as video clips and media reports, the petition argues for a judicial investigation into alleged electoral fraud by the ECP to favor incumbent political parties. It accuses the authorities of manipulating results and issuing Form 47 in a dubious manner in several constituencies, bypassing the requirements of Form 45 for result consolidation as mandated by law and the constitution.