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Pakistan To Impose Taxes On E-Commerce Platforms On IMF‘s Suggestion

Pakistan To Impose Taxes On E-Commerce Platforms On IMF‘s Suggestion

The retail landscape in Pakistan, as well as in other countries, has undergone significant transformations with the rise of e-commerce. In response, the government is considering implementing taxes on digital platforms, a move suggested by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Recently, Pakistan and the IMF reached a staff-level agreement on the second and final review within the framework of the $3 billion Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). Additionally, Islamabad has shown interest in a succeeding medium-term Fund-supported program.

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To enhance revenue generation, the IMF has recommended the imposition of general sales tax and value-added tax on digital platforms operating in Pakistan. This proposal entails taxing e-commerce platforms that play a substantial role in facilitating transactions with consumers, including those conducted by non-resident vendors targeting local consumers.

However, platforms that function primarily as advertising spaces for vendors would be exempt from this taxation scheme, according to the IMF. Additionally, the IMF suggests levying taxes on transactions involving digital products or services sold by non-resident sellers to government departments, considering them as business-to-business transactions.

This move aligns with efforts to adapt tax policies to the evolving digital economy, ensuring that digital platforms contribute their fair share to government revenues.