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Imran Khan May Assume Oxford University Chancellorship

Imran Khan May Assume Oxford University Chancellorship

After Chris Patten’s resignation as the Chancellor of Oxford University, the competition for this esteemed and largely ceremonial position has initiated. Patten, a former governor of Hong Kong and Tory deputy prime minister, held the role for over two decades. The chancellorship of Oxford University, recognized as one of the most comfortable jobs in Britain, is typically awarded to a former politician.

Notably, the election for the chancellorship, a position open to Oxford graduates, is undergoing a significant change this time. In a departure from tradition, the elections are being conducted online, marking the first instance of such a method. Previously, Oxford graduates were required to attend the vote in full academic dress.

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Among the candidates vying for this prestigious position is Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan studied Economics and Politics at Keble College, Oxford, in 1972, and also served as the captain of Oxford’s cricket team in 1974. His background as a former cricketer and his subsequent political career make him a notable contender for the role. Imran Khan has previously served as the chancellor of Bradford University for eight years, resigning from the position in November 2014.

In addition to Imran Khan, other prominent candidates for the role of Oxford’s chancellor include former British Prime Ministers Theresa May, Sir Tony Blair, and Boris Johnson. The chancellorship, known for its ceremonial nature and historical significance, holds a unique place in the British academic landscape. The election process, now transitioning to an online format, adds a modern touch to this traditional and prestigious role at Oxford University.