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Did Imran Khan Use AI to Write an Article in Jail?

Did Imran Khan Use AI to Write an Article in Jail?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly refuted allegations of employing artificial intelligence in the composition of a recent article attributed to the party’s founder and former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, published by The Economist.

In the widely circulated article on social media, Imran Khan expressed apprehensions about the scheduled general elections on February 8. The caretaker government also criticized the article.

The PTI central media department, using the platform X (formerly Twitter), dismissed claims circulating on social media suggesting the use of artificial intelligence in generating the article. The spokesperson clarified that Imran Khan, currently in Rawalpindi Central Jail, wrote the article without relying on artificial intelligence.

The spokesperson stated, “It is clarified that the news/reports carried by local media on the contents and mode of publication of an article by the PTI Chairman-for-life in a foreign publication ‘The Economist’ does not reflect the actual state of facts regarding the matter.”

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The controversial article, initially published last Thursday, gained substantial attention, with at least seven reposts on the official X account, accumulating over 2.5 million views across social media platforms.

Earlier, Imran Khan, addressing journalists from Adiala Jail, addressed concerns about the article, asserting that he provided verbal instructions for its creation. He mentioned not personally drafting the article but furnishing points that were later transformed into written form without the use of artificial intelligence.