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Hajj 2024: Verify Authorized Private Hajj Operators

Hajj 2024: Verify Authorized Private Hajj Operators

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has released the roster of approved private tour operators authorized to register pilgrims for the upcoming Hajj.

The catalog of verified operators can be accessed on the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony’s official website, available here.

It’s noteworthy that the government has already conducted a ballot for the forthcoming Hajj and allowed individuals who had undertaken Hajj in the past five years to partake in the pilgrimage scheduled for June this year.

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The government adhered to the original deadline of December 22nd for submission of applications under the regular Hajj scheme. However, the caretaker administration extended the application deadline for those applying under the Sponsorship Scheme until December 31st.

As of the last Friday, the government had received over 66,000 applications under the regular Hajj scheme, confirming the occurrence of a draw this year. The total number of seats allocated to Pakistan for the upcoming Hajj is approximately 180,000, including seats reserved for private Hajj operators.

The authorities have introduced a Short Hajj package for pilgrims, and the Sponsorship Scheme remains valid for this year as well.

For the Long Hajj, which spans 38-42 days with an 8-day stay in Medinah, participants from the South region (Karachi and Sukkur) are required to pay Rs 10,65,000, while those from other cities (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad) will pay Rs 10,75,000.

Sponsorship scheme applicants will incur a cost of $3765 for the South Region and $3800 for the North Region for the Long Hajj package.

For the Short Hajj package, the cost is Rs 11,40,000 for regular Hajj applicants from the South region and Rs 11,50,000 for the North region, with the pilgrimage lasting 20-25 days.

Under the Sponsorship Scheme, the cost for the Short Hajj is $4015 USD for the South region and $4050 for the North region.

Despite visible inflation in the country, discouraging Muslims from applying for the spiritual journey, the government has sought the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s support to launch awareness campaigns to attract more applicants.