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Hajj 2024 Training Schedule Unveiling Next Week

Hajj 2024 Training Schedule Unveiling Next Week

Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed, has revealed plans to unveil a comprehensive training and biometric schedule for Hajj pilgrims in the coming week. Speaking on Thursday, the minister emphasized that efforts were underway to enhance facilitation for the pilgrimage scheduled for June this year.

During discussions with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al Maliky, about finalizing preparations for the impending Hajj pilgrimage, Minister Aneeq Ahmed highlighted a significant development. Pakistani pilgrims now have the convenience of completing their Saudi Visa biometrics from the comfort of their homes, a measure aimed at simplifying the pre-Hajj processes.

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Aneeq Ahmed underscored that the implementation of distinctive initiatives aims to improve the facilitation of Pakistani Hajj pilgrims in the current year. He also emphasized that the completion of Hajj arrangements is progressing well in advance of the established schedule, indicating a proactive approach to ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience.

During the meeting, Ambassador Al Maliky extended congratulations to the Pakistan Hajj Mission for being recognized among the top three award-winning countries. He praised Minister Aneeq Ahmed’s dedication to making Hajj arrangements smooth and facilitating the pilgrims. Additionally, he commended the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony and the Pakistan Hajj Mission for their commendable services related to Hajj.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan has already conducted a balloting process for pilgrims who applied through the government Hajj scheme. The introduction of the Short Hajj package and the continuation of the Sponsorship Scheme for this year are part of the authorities’ efforts to cater to diverse preferences and ensure accessibility for a broader range of pilgrims.

For the Long Hajj package, spanning 38-42 days with an 8-day stay in Medinah, the cost varies based on the departure region. Those flying from the South region (Karachi and Sukkur) would pay Rs 10,65,000, while those from other cities (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad) would pay Rs 10,75,000. Sponsorship scheme applicants for the Long Hajj package would incur costs of $3765 for the South Region and $3800 for the North Region.

In the case of the Short Hajj package, lasting 20-25 days, the costs for regular Hajj applicants are Rs 11,40,000 for the South region and Rs 11,50,000 for the North region. Sponsorship scheme participants for the Short Hajj package would bear costs of $4015 for the South region and $4050 for the North region.

Acknowledging the potential impact of inflation discouraging Muslims from applying for the spiritual journey, the government has sought support from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to launch awareness campaigns. This strategic move aims to encourage more applicants and ensure that the sacred pilgrimage remains accessible despite economic challenges.