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Hadiqa Kiani Addresses Hadsa Backlash Regarding Motorway Incident Story

Hadiqa Kiani Addresses 'Hadsa' Backlash Regarding Motorway Incident Story

The controversy surrounding the television series ‘Hadsa’ has intensified as internet users criticize its handling of a highly sensitive subject. This backlash emerged after journalist Fereeha Idrees shared a distressing conversation she had with Z, a survivor of the motorway incident supposedly depicted in the show.

Fereeha conveyed Z’s struggles for justice and privacy, emphasizing her desire to move on while holding the culprits accountable. Z’s emotional account shed light on the intrusive nature of the show’s portrayal, prompting her to question the motives behind such dramatization.

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Social media was quick to respond, with users expressing deep concern over the exploitation of survivors’ pain for the sake of entertainment. Many felt that the drama industry’s approach was callous and that it further added to the suffering of survivors. The widespread sentiment was that such sensitive topics demanded more responsible handling.

In response to the furor, Hadiqa Kiani, a part of the project, took to a platform to clarify her stance. She asserted that the show was not specifically based on any individual’s story but rather aimed to highlight the pervasive issue of sexual violence in society.

Hadiqa stressed the need for trigger warnings to acknowledge the painful content and to ensure that viewers, especially survivors, were prepared for the subject matter. Her statement focused on the importance of empowering survivors and fostering conversations about sexual violence while respecting their feelings and experiences.