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Famed European Museum Raises Ticket Prices For Tourists

Famed European Museum Raises Ticket Prices For Tourists

PARIS – The renowned Louvre Museum in Paris is gearing up to increase its entry fees by a significant 29 percent starting January 15, 2024, raising general admission prices from €17 ($18.30) to €22 ($23.70). This potential hike raises concerns, especially for those planning to attend the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, marking the first adjustment since 2017.

The increase is aimed at balancing heightened operational expenses and facilitating complimentary entry for specific groups such as journalists, educators, and individuals under 18. Notably, the museum is not the sole entity raising ticket prices, as plans for increased hotel tariffs and a proposed Metro fare surge from €2.10 to €4 (around $4.30) are also in progress.

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Louvre Museum President Laurence des Cars stated that these price adjustments are part of a broader strategy to enhance the museum’s appeal for Parisian locals, potentially deterred by the large number of tourists. Des Cars expressed happiness and pride in seeing the French public reclaiming the Louvre Museum, emphasizing the quality of the relationship with the local audience as a crucial mission. This year witnessed a decrease in the daily visitor cap to 30,000, down from the pre-COVID allowance of 45,000, signaling efforts to engage more with local audiences.

The majority of French visitors enjoy free access to the Louvre, benefiting from exemptions that cover children, EU residents under 26, and certain professional groups.