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Election 2024

Eight Independents Align With PML-N Post-2024 Elections

Eight Independents Align With PML-N Post-2024 Elections

In the aftermath of the 2024 elections, independent candidates have taken the lead, and those not aligned with Imran Khan’s party are now affiliating themselves with the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N).

Efforts by Sharif’s PML-N to establish a coalition government are ongoing, with negotiations in progress involving various parties, including PPP, MQM-Pakistan, and others.

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Amid these discussions, eight candidates who emerged victorious in both National and Provincial Assemblies have decided to align themselves with the PML-N. The newly joined members are Raja Khurram Nawaz from NA-48, Barrister Aqeel Malik from NA-54, Pir Zahoor Hussain Qureshi from NA-146, Sardar Shamshir Mazari from NA-189, and Barrister Mian Khan Bugti from NA-253.

Additionally, Khurram Nawaz from PP-48, Rana Fayyaz from PP-49, and Muhammad Sohail from PP-240 have also chosen to join the PML-N ranks.

These developments indicate a shifting landscape in the political arena post-election, with independent candidates opting to align themselves with the PML-N, reflecting a strategic move to strengthen the party’s position and influence in the formation of the government.