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Cyber Security Annual Report 2022 released, PTA.

Cyber Security Annual Report 2022 released, PTA.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has released its Cyber Security Annual Report for 2022 on the compliance of its Critical Telecom Data and Infrastructure Security Regulations (CTDISR).

The top 15 telecom carriers in Pakistan are thoroughly examined in the research with regard to their cyber security preparedness and resilience. PTA carried out validation audits of the top 15 operators, who were ranked according to their network size and licence type, among other things.

The best percentage of compliance in the Cat-I category (which includes all Cellular Mobile Operators and Large Fixed-Line Operators with Multiple Licenses) was obtained by Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL) – Jazz, with Telenor Pakistan coming in second place.

RedTone has achieved the highest percentage of compliance in Cat-II, which encompasses medium to large operators/ISPs, with Multinet coming in as the runner-up. The report provides a comprehensive Cyber Security Index (CSI) for the telecom industry as well as a ranking of telecom operators according to how effectively they adhere to the 104 Security Controls included in the CTDISR’s 16 Security Domains.

Additionally, it identifies the telecom industry’s strong and weak points and offers compiled, anonymized data on significant cyber security incidents from the previous year. The Cyber Security Framework released by PTA in 2020 and third-party audits carried out by PTA’s registered cyber security businesses serve as the foundation for the Cyber Security Annual Report 2022.

PTA is committed to protecting Pakistan’s telecom industry from cyber-attacks and its consumers by putting in place strict cyber security policies and testing them through frequent audits to make sure compliance. In order to create a cyber-resilient telecom industry for everyone, the authority also encourages operators to prioritise cyber security and work toward continual improvement.