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Khuda aur Muhabat Fame Sadia Khan is dating Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan?

Khuda aur Muhabat Fame Sadia Khan is dating Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan

Sadia Khan, a Pakistani model, has finally spoken out about dating rumours involving Bollywood actor Aryan Khan. A photo of the two posing together at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Dubai went viral, sparking the rumour mill. However, Sadia has now revealed that such “baseless” rumours have no merit.

Sadia spoke with City Times about the night she met Shah Rukh Khan’s son and the truth about their romantic relationship. “It’s strange how people make up stories about myself and Aryan without knowing the whole picture. “There has to be a limit to everything that goes around in the name of news,” she said.

Sadia went on to say that taking a picture does not imply dating someone, and that people should understand this before jumping to conclusions. “Yes! On New Year’s Eve, I met him and we talked and took pictures together. This does not imply that we are in a relationship. I’m not the only one who took a photo with Aryan. There were a few other people who took pictures and uploaded them, but I am the one whose image is floating around.”

She denied the rumours and asked the media to stop spreading them without further explanation. “I deny all the rumours as baseless and I would say that Aryan is very sweet and an extremely well-mannered boy. Please put an end to all of these false rumours about us.