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CCPO Syed Ashfaq Anwar Disclosed The Number Of Cheaters In MDCAT Test

CCPO Syed Ashfaq Anwar Disclosed The Number Of Cheaters In MDCAT Test

PESHAWAR – In a press conference, CCPO Syed Ashfaq Anwar and RPO Kohat Sher Akbar Khan unveiled information about an organized network involved in the MDCAT scam.

During the press conference, Anwar revealed that a total of 44 spy devices were deployed during the examination, underscoring the extensive scale of the operation.

Anwar praised the invaluable support provided by the Kohat Police in exposing all the individuals associated with this fraudulent scheme.

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As of now, 74 students have been apprehended for their participation in cheating, and cases have been registered against them at various police stations in Peshawar.

In addition to the arrests, seven completed exam papers were seized from the individuals involved, further confirming their involvement in the scam. Anwar mentioned that forensic analysis of these devices is currently in progress to ascertain their origin.

Legal actions have been initiated against the main suspect in the scam, and alongside the accused individuals, mobile phones and a significant bank check were recovered, providing additional evidence of their illicit activities.

Authorities are also scrutinizing the Call Detail Records (CDR) of the ETA staff stationed at the examination centers to investigate any potential collusion. Anwar revealed that relevant organizations have formally requested the IP address information of the network server to which the devices were connected.