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Election 2024

BAP Defends Senate Resolution for Election Delay, Calls for ECP Review

BAP Defends Senate Resolution for Election Delay, Calls for ECP Review

The Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) has dismissed criticism directed at the Senate resolution proposing a delay in polls and has urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to review the resolution, asserting that it is entirely regular.

Senator Kauda Babar, the spokesperson for BAP, refuted the critiques against the resolution, questioning whether elections have never been postponed in the past and whether it is a serious transgression for an elected Upper House member to support a resolution.

Senator Babar dismissed the critics’ narratives as nothing more than expressions of personal interest, emphasizing that the passage of a resolution by the Senate should not be considered unconstitutional.

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He highlighted that the resolution encapsulates all reservations, urging the ECP to attentively address their concerns and assess the potential consequences.

Defending the resolution, which faced opposition from major political parties such as PMLN, PPP, and PTI, Senator Babar argued that Senators possess the right to advocate for their regions and provinces. He questioned whether a few dominant political parties should monopolize decisions in Pakistan and emphasized the importance of elected members having a distinct status.

Senator Babar criticized the political establishment for potentially stifling voices within the parliament and urged major parties to comprehend public concerns instead of solely pursuing the position of prime minister.

The Senate, on Friday, passed a resolution, presented by Senator Dilawar Khan, advocating for a postponement of the February 8 general elections due to security apprehensions.