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Afridi Urges Decision Makers To Rescue Pakistan From Turmoil

Afridi Urges Decision Makers To Rescue Pakistan From Turmoil

Shahid Afridi, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has expressed his disappointment with the political turmoil prevailing in the country. This statement from Afridi comes in the aftermath of the resignation of the Rawalpindi commissioner, who accepted responsibility for alleged vote rigging in the general election held on February 8.

Taking to the platform now known as X but formerly recognized as Twitter, Afridi conveyed his sentiments, stating, “The common man is frustrated by the constant emergence of new narratives, while their actual concerns revolve around issues such as inflation and unemployment.” In his message, Afridi appealed to the “decision-makers” to come together and navigate the nation out of its current chaotic state.

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Emphasizing the need for unity among all factions, the 46-year-old sports figure highlighted the critical point that the country cannot endure further harm. He recommended that all stakeholders collaborate to safeguard the future of the succeeding generations.

Afridi’s remarks coincide with the eruption of protests across the nation following the announcement of the February 8 election results. As a cricket celebrity, the former star player has frequently found himself in the limelight for expressing his opinions on political matters.

In March 2022, Afridi advocated for the completion of at least one elected government’s tenure. This statement was made during a period when the opposition was poised to remove then-Prime Minister Imran Khan from office. Afridi urged, “It has been 74 years since Pakistan’s independence. For God’s sake, let at least one elected government fulfill its constitutional term.”

Subsequently, when Shehbaz Sharif assumed the position of the next prime minister after the ousting of the founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Afridi faced another wave of criticism. This time, it was triggered by his congratulations to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president for taking office.