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Election 2024

Big News: Rawalpindi Commissioner Chatha Resigns Due To Election Rigging

Big News: Rawalpindi Commissioner Chatha Resigns Due To Election Rigging

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha of Rawalpindi has declared his intention to resign from his position in the wake of extensive election rigging. In a detailed statement, Chatha, holding the position of PMS (ex-PCS)/BS-20, openly acknowledged his involvement in manipulating election results within Rawalpindi Division. He specifically pointed out that returning officers under his supervision had tampered with the outcomes for a minimum of 13 political candidates in the division.

Accepting responsibility for the injustice inflicted upon the people of Rawalpindi Division, Chatha provided insight into the illicit practices employed, revealing the orchestrated manipulation of candidates’ votes. He went on to assign blame to all administrative institutions involved, including the police and the election commission, for their complicity in the election fraud.

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Taking a drastic step, Chatha expressed his willingness to surrender to the police for his involvement in rigging, asserting that he deserved capital punishment for his actions. He disclosed that losing candidates were falsely declared winners, with an unjustifiable lead of 50,000 votes each.

In a candid admission, Chatha confessed to experiencing suicidal thoughts due to the guilt associated with his role in the rigging. However, he ultimately chose to come forward and expose the truth before the people of Pakistan. These revelations by the senior official came at a time when protests erupted nationwide, with political parties such as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), JUI-F, and others alleging widespread electoral fraud in the recently concluded polls. The shocking remarks made by Commissioner Chatha added fuel to the growing discontent and raised serious concerns about the integrity of the electoral process.