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Iran Reveals Locally-Produced Defense Systems

Iran Reveals Locally-Produced Defense Systems

On Saturday, Iran revealed a newly developed anti-ballistic missile system and a low-altitude air defense system. The unveiling took place during a ceremony attended by Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Gharaei Ashtiani, showcasing the systems named “Arman” for the anti-ballistic missile system and “Azarakhsh” for the air defense system.

These advancements, crafted by the expertise of the Iranian defense ministry, are expected to enhance the country’s air defense capabilities once integrated into the military fleet. The Arman system comprises two variants, one featuring passive radar and the other equipped with active radar technology.

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Utilizing domestically-produced Sayyad 3 class missiles, the Arman system has the capability to simultaneously target six objectives within a distance range of 120km to 180km.