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Election 2024

Zardari And Achakzai Approved For Presidential Candidacy

Zardari And Achakzai Approved For Presidential Candidacy

The nation’s election oversight body officially accepted the nomination papers of both Asif Ali Zardari, the presidential nominee from the ruling coalition, and Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the candidate fielded by the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) on Monday.

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Sikandar Sultan Raja, meticulously reviewed the nomination papers submitted by various candidates vying for the position of the country’s next president. During this scrutiny, a fellow presidential contender, Ali Mubarak, raised objections against Achakzai’s candidacy.

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Mubarak argued that the nomination papers of the PkMAP chief should be dismissed due to his departure from the Constitution of Pakistan. He cited instances of Achakzai making statements against the establishment and institutions on the floor of the assembly, asserting that such actions amounted to a deviation from constitutional norms. Mubarak further claimed that Achakzai had tarnished the institution’s reputation by accusing it of utilizing Rs70 billion to manipulate elections. Following this objection, the CEC withheld his decision on the nomination papers.

Subsequently, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released the official list of candidates for the upcoming presidential election, confirming the acceptance of the nomination papers for Zardari and Achakzai. All other candidates’ nominations were rejected.

PPP representative Farooq H Naek later addressed the media, asserting that no objections were raised against Zardari’s nomination papers. He expressed confidence in securing the necessary votes, anticipating Asif Ali Zardari’s re-election for a second term.

Zardari stands as the collective nominee of PML-N, PPP, ANP, PML-Q, BAP, and IPP parties, while Achakzai represents the SIC. The MQM and JUI-F have yet to announce whether they will support Zardari or abstain from the voting process.