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Yasir Hussain Warns Fan Sharing Sketch Of Iqra Aziz

Yasir Hussain Warns Fan Sharing Sketch Of Iqra Aziz

In the era of social media, celebrities often face the scrutiny of fans expressing admiration through various art forms. Recently, Yasir Hussain, a prominent personality in the Pakistani entertainment industry, issued a cautionary message to a fan who posted what he considered to be an “inaccurate” sketch of his wife, Iqra Aziz.

An Instagram artist with the handle “c_4__colour” attempted to capture Iqra Aziz’s likeness through a sketch. However, Yasir Hussain, her husband, expressed his dissatisfaction with the portrayal on his Instagram account. In his comment, he acknowledged the effort, saying, “Thank you, son. Good effort, but from now on, refrain from sketching my wife. Otherwise, legal action will be pursued.”


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This response sparked amusement among various celebrities and fans, finding humor in the situation. However, the artist later deleted her post.

The couple tied the knot on December 28, 2019, and welcomed their first child, Kabir Hussain, on July 10, 2021.