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Suicide blast infront of Afghan foreign ministry.

Suicide blast infront of Afghan foreign ministry.

Kabul: On Wednesday, a suicide bomber exploded himself outside the Afghan foreign ministry, killing at least five people, according to police, but some officials placed the death toll higher.

Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Kabul police, reported that five deaths had been officially confirmed. Twenty people were slain, according to Ustad Fareedun, a representative of the Taliban-run information ministry.

He claimed that the bomber attempted to infiltrate the foreign ministry but was unsuccessful. Official sources authenticated a snapshot of the scene, which showed at least nine people laying dead or injured outside the ministry.

According to Zadran, the explosion happened at 4 PM (1130 GMT). No one quickly accepted responsibility. The Daesh insurgency has targeted foreigners, including the Russian and Pakistani embassies and a hotel that caters to Chinese businessmen, forcing the Taliban-run government to fight back.

The explosion happened during a busy period of the day in a heavily protected region that was bordered by checkpoints on a roadway where numerous ministries were located. Several nations, including China and Turkey, have embassies nearby.

The Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan in August 2021 with a speed and ease that shocked the world, have never been recognised by any nation. As a result, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, and his administration disintegrated.