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World’s Largest Wind Turbines Unveiled by China’s Clean Energy Giants.

World's Largest Wind Turbines Unveiled by China's Clean Energy Giants. (1)

Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Ltd. presented the world’s largest wind turbine, an offshore behemoth with more than 140-meter-long blades that will cover an area the size of nine soccer fields.

According to a press release from the Chinese manufacturer, the turbine will have a peak output of 18 megawatts and be able to supply 96,000 people with electricity each year. It will require fewer turbines to be erected and cost less to operate if it is used in place of smaller units, according to Ming Yang.

Just one week prior, China State Shipbuilding Corp. revealed the development of a record-breaking turbine. Although it has significantly smaller blades, it is likewise intended to produce at an 18 megawatt capacity.

In addition, Ming Yang unveiled on Tuesday its first 16-megawatt turbine, a size that broke records when it was first announced in August 2021. The greatest wind power market in the world is China, and the nation’s turbine makers have taken advantage of the high demand to construct larger and better factories that can now compete with European and American rivals like Vestas Wind Systems A/S and General Electric Co.