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Election 2024

When Will ECP Reveal Full Results Of Elections 2024?

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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is set to announce unofficial results for all 859 constituencies of the National and Provincial Assemblies on Friday, February 9.

As per a spokesperson for the ECP, all necessary arrangements have been completed to ensure the smooth conduct of free, fair, and transparent general elections across the country. Additionally, the printing of 260 million ballot papers for all constituencies has been successfully concluded. The National Assembly ballots are distinguishable by their green color, while Provincial Assembly ballots are printed on white paper.

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The distribution of printed ballot papers has been finalized throughout the country, with a few districts remaining to complete the process. The extensive printing process, initiated on January 14, reached completion by February 3.

In adherence to a Supreme Court order, a reprinting of ballot papers was conducted for 11 National Assembly and five Provincial Assembly constituencies. The original papers will be disposed of in accordance with the court’s directive.

The spokesperson highlighted that a total of 260 million ballot papers were printed for this election, representing a substantial 54.74% increase in candidates compared to the previous elections.

Despite facing a surge in demand for special paper, amounting to a notable 195% increase, effective management efforts resulted in reducing the required tonnage from 2,400 tonnes to 2,177 tonnes. The distribution of printed ballot papers includes 5% in single-column format, 50% in double-column format, 30% in three-column format, 11.15% in four-column format, and 2.4% in five-column format.

The comprehensive preparations and meticulous planning undertaken by the Election Commission of Pakistan signify a commitment to conducting an inclusive, transparent, and well-organized electoral process. The announcement of unofficial results for all constituencies will mark a crucial milestone in the culmination of the election, reflecting the culmination of extensive efforts to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the democratic exercise.