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What Will Be Upcoming Petrol Rates In Pakistan From January 1, 2024?

What Will Be Upcoming Petrol Rates In Pakistan From January 1, 2024?

The interim government is set to unveil the revised prices for petrol and diesel for the first half of January 2024, considering fluctuations in the global market and changes in the local currency. Sources suggest that there may be a further decrease in petroleum prices, with an anticipated reduction of around Rs2 for petrol during the initial two weeks of January 2024.

Conversely, diesel prices are expected to experience a marginal increase. These new rates are projected to come into effect at the beginning of the upcoming month. If these predictions materialize, the revised petrol price is estimated to be approximately Rs265.62 per litre, while diesel is anticipated to be priced at Rs277.21 per litre.

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The expected dip in petrol prices aligns with the recent decline in international oil prices. As of December 2023, the current petrol rate in Pakistan stands at Rs267.34 per litre, with diesel priced at Rs276.21 per litre.

In the previous price review, there was significant relief for Pakistani consumers, as the petrol price saw a reduction of Rs14 per litre, while the diesel price experienced a decrease of Rs13.50 per litre. As the interim government considers global market dynamics and currency fluctuations, these adjustments aim to balance the impact on consumers in response to changes in the broader economic landscape.