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Security Boosted At Lahore Churches Before Christmas

Security Boosted At Lahore Churches Before Christmas

Ahead of Christmas, the Punjab Police has finalized a comprehensive security plan, deploying 26,557 officials and personnel to safeguard 3,286 churches across the province. Under the instructions of Inspector General Police Dr. Usman Anwar, security measures include the use of 2,335 CCTV cameras, 3,427 metal detectors, and numerous walk-through gates to ensure the safety of Christian citizens. In the provincial capital, Lahore, 3,422 officers and personnel, 271 metal detectors, and 236 CCTV cameras will be employed, with the inclusion of women personnel.

The churches have been categorized into A, B, and C groups for security purposes, and the police are implementing heightened measures to protect Christian places of worship, parks, recreational areas, and sensitive installations, including consulates. IGP Dr. Usman Anwar emphasized the need for foolproof security and directed supervisory officers, including RPOs, DPOs, district traffic officers, and CCPO of Lahore, to personally oversee Christmas security and traffic arrangements.

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Dr. Anwar stressed that supervisory officers should conduct on-site inspections to ensure the effective implementation of security arrangements and maintain a conducive atmosphere of law and order throughout the province.

In a separate context, the Lahore police has intensified its crackdown on drug dealers, resulting in significant achievements. The authorities have seized substantial quantities of hashish, heroin, ice, and alcohol, with a total of 10,797 cases related to drug trafficking registered. The corresponding arrests number 10,950 individuals involved in this illicit trade, distributed across different divisions within Lahore. CCPO Bilal Siddique Kamyana highlighted the success of these operations in combating drug-related activities and maintaining public safety.