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Vote Manipulation: Karachi Clashes Disrupt Transportation

Vote Manipulation: Karachi Clashes Disrupt Transportation

In Karachi, tensions escalated as the police utilized tear gas and baton charges against JUI-F protesters on Sharea Faisal road. The protesters, attempting to reach the Karachi Press Club for a sit-in to protest alleged rigging in the February 8 general elections, faced resistance from the police.

According to reports, the police resorted to shelling and baton charging near the Nursery point on the road, resulting in a substantial traffic jam. In response, the protesters retaliated by throwing stones at the police officials, leading to clashes between the two groups.

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Rashid Mehmood Soomro, the JUI-F Sindh general secretary, claimed that the police used force to halt their peaceful procession without issuing any legal notice in various areas of the port city. Accusing the authorities of stealing his party’s mandate in the elections, he appealed to the Supreme Court and high court to take notice of the situation.

The ongoing protests have significantly disrupted traffic, causing congestion from Nursery towards FTC. Motorists are encountering difficulties near Karsaz, where political parties were already staging protests against election rigging.

Simultaneously, the protests have had a ripple effect on the flight schedule at Karachi airport, with travelers struggling to reach on time for their flights. Flights to destinations such as Dubai, Muscat, Lahore, and others have experienced delays due to the prevailing political situation in the city.

Earlier in the day, the newly-elected members of the Sindh Assembly took their oaths during the inaugural session. Elections for the positions of Sindh Assembly speaker and deputy speaker are scheduled for the following day.

The clashes between JUI-F protesters and the police underscore the heightened tensions surrounding allegations of election rigging. The call for judicial intervention by Rashid Mehmood Soomro reflects the intensity of the situation as political parties seek legal remedies to address their grievances. The disruptions in traffic and flight schedules further emphasize the broader impact of these protests on the daily lives of citizens and the functioning of key infrastructures in the city. As the political landscape unfolds, the role of the judiciary and the resolution of election-related disputes will remain in the spotlight.