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US Probes Meta For Involvement In Drug Trade

US Probes Meta For Involvement In Drug Trade

In a recent development, US prosecutors in Virginia are reportedly investigating whether Meta, the parent company of Facebook, facilitated and profited from the illegal sale of drugs through its social media platforms. According to sources familiar with the matter and documents cited by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, subpoenas were issued last year, and inquiries have been conducted as part of a criminal grand jury investigation. Authorities have been seeking records related to drug content and any illicit drug sales facilitated via Meta’s platforms.


The investigation has received assistance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), although it is emphasized that such probes do not always result in charges. A Meta spokesperson stated that the sale of illicit drugs goes against their policies, and they actively work to identify and remove such content from their services. The company also collaborates with law enforcement agencies to combat the sale and distribution of illegal drugs.

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While the prosecutors’ office and a spokesperson for the FDA declined to comment on the matter to the Wall Street Journal, there has been no immediate response from Meta, the FDA, or the Virginia Attorney General’s office to requests for comment from Reuters.

In a related move, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, announced on the social media platform X on Friday that the company has partnered with the US State Department, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and Snapchat to disrupt the online sale of synthetic drugs and educate users about associated risks.