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US Prevents UN From Recognizing Palestinian State

US Prevents UN From Recognizing Palestinian State

Despite majority support in the Security Council, a resolution for Palestine’s UN membership was blocked by a US veto. Media reports indicated that 12 members backed Palestine’s bid during the session. However, the US opposed it, and the UK and Switzerland abstained from voting.

The Palestinian Presidency criticized the US veto as unfair and unethical, condemning the action. Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour expressed a resolute stance, vowing to continue their efforts despite setbacks.

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Conversely, the Israeli Foreign Minister attributed the Security Council’s rejection to preventing rewards for what he termed ‘terrorism,’ commending the US for its veto decision. The Israeli representative also pointed out that Palestine holds non-member observer status at the UN, emphasizing that full membership would require a two-third majority from both the Security Council and the General Assembly.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres previously highlighted the increasing risk of violence if significant progress toward a two-state solution was not achieved. Amid these tensions, it is reported that since the conflict escalated on October 7, Israel has been responsible for the deaths of 34,000 Palestinians, underscoring the dire humanitarian and political situation.