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TikToker Zulqarnain Shares Details Of Losing Rs20m

TikToker Zulqarnain Shares Details Of Losing Rs20m

TikTok personality Zulqarnain Sikandar recently appeared as a guest on his wife Kanwal Aftab’s podcast, where he discussed various aspects of his life, including his marriage, YouTube, and TikTok. Among the topics discussed, Sikandar shared details about a significant financial setback he experienced.

Sikandar recounted how, based on a friend’s recommendation, he and his brothers decided to enter the trading business. Despite his wife Kanwal’s reservations about trading, Sikandar proceeded with the investment, trusting his friend’s advice. Unfortunately, their venture faced an initial loss of Rs3.1 million.

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Following the loss, Sikandar’s elder brother opted out of further investment, and Kanwal expressed her dissatisfaction. Despite informing his friend about the setback, Sikandar was encouraged to continue investing, with promises of substantial profits.

Motivated by greed, Sikandar sought Rs3 million from Kanwal, who declined, anticipating further losses. Undeterred, he invested all his remaining funds and persuaded his younger brother to do the same.

During a pilgrimage trip to Umrah, Sikandar’s younger brother received devastating news: they had lost their entire investment, totaling Rs20 million. Overwhelmed by the situation, Sikandar prayed for guidance and strength in Madina, acknowledging his inability to withstand further financial losses and hardships.