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ChatGPT has been leaking your conversation


A ChatGPT bug, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, allowed some users to see the titles of other users’ conversations. He apologised for the “significant” error but confirmed that it had been corrected.

Users claimed ownership of screenshots of chat logs posted on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter. Despite the fix, many users are still concerned about their privacy on the platform.

ChatGPT has been used by millions of people to create messages, compose music, and even programme since its debut in November of last year. Every interaction with the chatbot is saved in the user’s chat history and can be accessed at any time.

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However, users began seeing conversation histories in their accounts that they had never had with the chatbot earlier this week.

A Reddit user shared an image of their chat history, which included titles like “Chinese Socialism Development” and Mandarin conversations.

On Tuesday, OpenAI informed Bloomberg that the chatbot had been temporarily deactivated to address the issue. Users were also unable to access the actual conversations at the time, according to the company.

Concerns have been raised about OpenAI’s access to people’s private conversations, raising concerns about potential data breaches. On Twitter, OpenAI’s CEO announced that a “technical postmortem” would be conducted soon to investigate the situation.

While the company’s privacy policy states that user data, including prompts and responses, may be used to train models, such data is only accessed after all personally identifiable information has been removed.