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Sutlej River Floods Bahawalpur Causing Huge Damage Potential

Sutlej River Floods Bahawalpur Causing Huge Damage Potential

After a gap of 13 years, the water level beneath the iconic Empress Bridge in Bahawalpur has surged to a remarkable 10-foot height. This exceptional increase is due to the torrential floods that have submerged the Sutlej River, causing widespread chaos in the region.

Reports state that an astonishing discharge of around 130,000 cusecs of water is flowing through the Empress Bridge, creating a breathtaking yet alarming spectacle for observers.

The unyielding volume of water has managed to breach multiple dams in its path, leaving behind a path of devastation

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Numerous villages have been engulfed by the flood, displacing residents and necessitating urgent rescue operations.

Agricultural areas have also suffered, as the floodwaters breached a temporary dam near the Sutlej River’s banks. As a result, extensive fertile fields now lie underwater, posing a significant threat to the livelihoods of local farmers.

A major disaster was anticipated as the floodwater from Islam Headworks reached Bahawalpur, as the district administration had taken minimal measures to prevent the catastrophe.

No substantial efforts were made to reinforce the small protective dams.

Almost no provisions were made to accommodate the displaced people. Many parts of Bahawalpur city are also under serious jeopardy.

Authorities are struggling to handle the situation, with the water level persistently rising.

Emergency response teams are working to ensure the safety of the affected residents, while facing the challenges posed by the ongoing floodwaters.