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Supreme Court Concludes 257 Cases Within A Week

Supreme Court Concludes 257 Cases Within A Week

“In a bid to tackle the backlog of 57,000 cases, the Supreme Court of Islamabad swiftly resolved 257 cases between September 25 and September 30. A press release from the apex court stated that the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Supreme Court Judges were dedicated to expediting case disposals and reducing the backlog, diligently hearing cases for this purpose.

Upon taking office, the Chief Justice of Pakistan promptly organized a full court meeting and established a full court Supreme Court bench to address the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023. Notably, his inaugural case as CJP involved live streaming of proceedings, and he approved the appointment of Hayat Ali Shah, a retired district and sessions judge, as the director general of the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) on a one-year contractual basis.

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CJP Isa emphasized the end of seeking adjournments in cases, urging counsel to come prepared rather than requesting postponements. If a case does necessitate a postponement at the conclusion of the hearing, the CJP seeks consent from all parties involved.

During case hearings, the CJP often injects a touch of humor and wit into the proceedings, occasionally entertaining observers. However, when a lawyer’s arguments appear to be wasting the court’s time, the CJP may display visible frustration, although he strives to maintain his composure, recognizing his role as the top adjudicator in the highest constitutional office.”