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Stanford Engineers Enable Solar Panels To Generate Power At Night

Stanford Engineers Enable Solar Panels To Generate Power At Night

Engineers in Stanford, California, have achieved a breakthrough by developing solar panels capable of generating electricity during the nighttime.

The innovation involves these panels emitting invisible infrared light into space on clear nights. To achieve this, a special device called a thermoelectric generator has been added to standard solar panels. This device captures energy from the temperature difference between the panel’s surface and the surrounding air when it is pointed at the cold night sky.

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This novel technology acts as a nighttime energy absorber, gathering infrared light and converting it into electricity, providing a power source when the Sun is not shining.

This advancement carries vast potential, including applications such as streetlights powered by nighttime sunshine and homes running on solar energy 24/7.

It’s not just about financial savings; it’s also about environmental conservation.

So, the next time you gaze at the night sky, consider that while you admire the stars, brilliant minds are harnessing the dark’s power for a brighter future.

Science continually reveals captivating nighttime discoveries, and who knows what they will unveil next!